new music coming soon in Q1 2020

Threshold Manifold

Creating the new album was an awesome experience. From start to finish, the journey was filled with inspiration, improvisation, new ideas, and pure fun. The songs are all over the genre spectrum. Some are downtempo/breakbeat, one is dub techno, one is drum-n-bass, one is ambient, and the rest aren't really specific to a genre.

The album moves you through a story that starts with the crashing of an alien ship. Alien technology is reverse engineered and opens a door to rapid change in the world and the onset of the Singularity. Threshold Manifold is the period where we transition from a multitude of chaos to the Singularity.

12 albums of electronic music since 1997 blending...

Downtempo : Breakbeat : Funk : Ambient : Electronica : Drum-n-Bass : Dub : IDM : Experimental