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My initial musical path was inspired and defined by Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and Phish, but my youth was all about 80's synth pop.

In 1988, I was walking around at a Grateful Dead show at Laguna Seca Raceway in CA, and found this group of around 10 guys, some with 6 string guitars, one with a 12 string, one with a mandolin, and the rest in circle, swaying and singing. The song they were playing was 'Fearless' by Pink Floyd, which was a favorite song of mine, so I joined the circle, watched and sang along. While watching the guitarists eyes and hands, it became clear that most of these guys were following one guitarist, and that they didn't really know how to play the song. I didn't know that such a thing was possible, that music was so accessible once you got some basics down. I also realized that these guys were more or less my age, and not very different from myself - yet they could sit here, watch some guy's hands, and play one of my favorite songs. At that moment, I decided that I could do this and that I was going to get a guitar and become a musician.

My original songs were all done on a Tascam 4 track with an Alesis SR-16 drum machine, a Fender Stratocaster, a Korg Poly 800 synthesiser, and a friend's bass. They were mostly quirky songs, but it was a lot of fun, and it helped me develop music production skills. At this point, I'm in college and start playing in bands, including: Cottonmouth (1990 - covers), and Cool Beans (1992 - originals).

The desire to record and compose more music continued, and in 1994, I begin sequencing music with MIDI. The first tracks I sequenced and produced with keyboards used an Alesis Quadrasynth and Studio Vison on the Mac. They were very synth pop sounding in general, they had some interesting ideas, but overall, they were not mixed well and sounded cheesy. But, the experience was amazing, highly inspiring and addictive! Then in 1995, using a rare DAW on Windows, I first explored sampling and cutting up samples. The idea of turning any sound into an instrument, or layering in non-musical sounds or any sort became a primary goal of mine. I needed to do this.

In 1996, I started a rock band called 'Something Else' with some friends which lasted a year then came to a sudden halt. Instead of trying to build a new band, I decided to focus on my studio and began to experiment. Based on some new recordings, an online friend described my new music as 'sonic wallpaper' and within days, I selected this as my artist name.


The following is a timeline of events and influences on my music. Any artist or band that I really liked over time, is listed as an influence based on the year I started listening to them.

Year Type Title
1983 Event First concert: Oingo Boingo in Santa Clara, CA
Influence Thomas Dolby
Influence Talking Heads
1984 Influence Depeche Mode
Influence Art of Noise
1985 Influence Pink Floyd
Influence Red Hot Chili Peppers
1986 Influence Led Zeppelin
1987 Event First of 60 Grateful Dead Concerts
Influence Grateful Dead
Influence Kitaro
Influence Igor Stravinski
Influence Michael Hedges
Influence Mahavishnu Orchestra
1988 Event Initial musical inspiration - seeing people playing Fearless by Pink Floyd
Event First guitar - Ovation 6 string acoustic
1989 Event First electric guitar - modified Fender Stratocaster
Event First drum machine - Alesis SR16
Event First recording device - Tascam 4 track
Influence John Coltrane
Influence Miles Davis
1990 Event First Band: Cottonmouth - rhythm guitar/vocals
Event First keyboard - Korg Poly 800
1991 Influence Phish
1992 Event Second Band: Cool Beans - rhythm guitar/vocals
1993 Event Second electric guitar - Fender American Standard Stratocaster
1993 Influence Peter Gabriel
1994 Event First sequencer - Vision on a Mac
Event Second keyboard - Alesis Quadrasynth
Influence Herbie Hancock
1995 Influence Steely Dan
Influence MC 900ft Jesus
Influence Ambient music
1996 Event Third Band: Something Else - rhythm guitar/vocals
Event Third keyboard - Korg Prophecy
Influence Loop Guru
Influence Acid Jazz music
1997 Event Took on the artist name: Sonic Wallpaper
Influence Higher Intelligence Agency
Influence Drum 'N' Bass Music
Influence Trip Hop Music
Influence Spacetime Continuum
1998 Event First Sampler - Akai S2000
Event First time sharing my music on mp3.com
Influence Goldie
Influence DJ Shadow
Influence DJ Spooky
Influence Roni Size/Repreznat
Influence Squarepusher
1999 Event First album as Sonic Wallpaper - Imaginarium
Event First live performance as Sonic Wallpaper
Event Hardware Sequencer: Yamaha RM1x
Influence Wagon Christ
Influence ORB
2000 Influence Future Sound of London
Influence DJ Food
Influence Boards of Canada
2001 Event Launched ElectronicScene.com
Influence Dub Music
Influence Amon Tobin
2002 Event Currently the last live performance as Sonic Wallpaper
Influence Flanger
2003 Event ElectronicScene.com becomes ArtistServer.com
Influence Pole
2004 Influence Bill Laswell
2005 Influence Kruder & Dorfmeister
2006 Influence Shpongle
2007 Influence OTT
2008 Influence Funkadelic / Parliament
2009 Influence Fela
2010 Influence Tipper
2011 Influence Tycho
2012 Influence Jaga Jazzist
2013 Influence Opiuo
2014 Event Closed ArtistServer.com
Influence Koan Sound
2016 Event 10 albums released covering complete catalog
Event 11th Album - Traverse the Multiverse
2020 Event 12th Album - Threshold Manifold